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This section of our basketball betting guide is designed to deliver informational, entertaining and relevant articles and news headlines surrounding both professional and collegiate basketball. It will include a variety of topics that tap into the various aspects of the industry, such as betting, statistics, opinion pieces, history of the sport, legendary moments, and current news and events from a fresh perspective.

We don't want this are of our guide to be the same old stuff you find everywhere on the web, we want it to be an intriguing destination to find new and interesting information. We also want to keep you informed. With the NBA commission taking a pro-sports betting stance, things could get interesting.

Recent Articles and News Headlines

Beginner's Basketball Betting Guide - An informational guide to help those new to sports betting get started with some helpful tips under their belt. This guide explains some of the basics, such as how to read basketball betting lines, and some key things to keep in mind as you place your wagers.

Understanding Key Basketball Positions and Their Role in the Game - This article looks at each of the key positions in basketball and explains the role of the position during the game. This information can be valuable to those new to betting on basketball who are learning to make informed wagers based on the status of specific players.

A Look at Basketball Court Dimensions in the NBA and NCAAB - Get an inside look at the regulation basketball court dimensions for the NBA and for college basketball. Many fans don't realize the impact that details such as court dimensions have on the requirements of players and the standard of athleticism that is required to really succeed.

Basketball Drills and Their Value to Players and Teams - Find out why basketball drills are a critical part of preparing for game play for players in the NBA and NCAAB, and how these drills can condition, improve and strengthen a player's performance dramatically. All great players in both professional and college basketball are faithful to their drills and it shows on the court.

Who Invented Basketball? - Learn how the game of basketball developed and who is responsible for giving us this beloved sport. This look at the history of basketball is an interesting piece of the game's background that inspires even more appreciation for the game.