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Legal Options for Betting on the NBA Finals

Although March Madness arrives first and takes up the entire month of March with tournament coverage, it's only a short two-month span before the NBA championships start. The NBA Finals, while maybe not inducing as much "madness" as the collegiate tournament, is still quite the spectacle to behold and represents a hefty segment of the legal basketball betting action seen each year. And rather than a single game to determine the champion, as with college or in the NFL's Super Bowl, the NBA actually has a 7-game series that's split up between the East and West to determine a true winner. Sure, an unknown point guard might get smoking hot and hit 10 three-pointers in one game, helping his team win, but these things are evened out over the course of a long series. One game doesn't win or lose it; a few hot players and a few flukey players don't matter.

This is why the NBA Finals are celebrated, and it's definitely why the Finals induce the most gambling action of all other basketball championships in the world, including the Collegiate final and even the Olympic Games. The Finals are a beast, and there is an endless array of different lines and odds you can bet on a reputable sportsbook. Basketball fans may love betting on the NBA Playoffs, but the Championship leg of the season is where the action culminates. Basketball fans who enjoy legal NBA betting will never be short on action.

Legal Online Sportsbooks for Betting on the NBA Playoffs

Sportsbook Link Welcome Bonus USA Friendly Rating
Bovada Sportsbook 50% Max $250 USA Allowed Sportsbook Rating
Betonline Sportsbook 25% Max $1000 USA Allowed Sportsbook Rating 25% Max $1000 USA Allowed Sportsbook Rating
Bookmaker 15% Max $2500 USA Allowed Sportsbook Rating

How To Bed on the NBA Championship Game

One problem a lot of Americans have when looking to place bets on the NBA Finals is that they can't find a site that will allow them on. Okay, so here's a common scenario. You have a little extra cash, and you want to parlay that into a lot of cash by betting on the Finals. But every time you Google a sportsbook and enter the site, it tells you in big, bold letters, "US Players Not Welcome." Why is this? It's because of federal laws dictating that no gambling establishment will set up on US soil and take your money. It also has a ripple effect outside of the US, with many offshore sites refusing service to US players out of their own sense of comfort. They don't want to be the ones safely housing US gambling refugees. So, legally betting on the NBA Finals can be a chore, unless you know how to navigate the field. This is where we come in. This guide provides access to the top rated US friendly sportsbooks that are legally licensed and regulated to provide their wagering services and NBA Championship betting lines.

Is Betting on the NBA Finals Legal in the United States?

As touched on above in brief fashion, it can be tricky to find a sportsbook with which to bet for the NBA Finals. What you have to do is find an offshore sportsbook that is willing to accept your business. You should know that they do exist, in very large number in fact, and you will have your choice of the litter when it comes to depositing money. You can find a site with a healthy bonus, with a better payout structure, with more betting options, etc. There are tons of sites in the UK and Australia that will cater to you. Unfortunately, this is your only practical option, as sports betting in the US is still illegal, and no exception is made for special events like the NBA Finals.

No matter what type of site you find, remember to always bet responsibly. At the very least, the NBA Finals will take four games, and rarely does it go fewer than six. You will have ample opportunity to bet, so don't get carried away.